What is Your Motive?

Today as I write this blog, I was pretty sad at first and then I had a hallelujah good time. Today was the day that I had been waiting for 7 months. I was on vacation in May and heard that the Disney on Ice would be in Kent, Wa in November. I signed up myself, my daughter and my youngest Grandchild. For those who really think they know me, I truly enjoy Disney and Cartoons. My Journals are coloring books. So enough about me for the meantime. I went on vacation in October to Europe, we went to London England, Le Havre France, Barcelona Spain, Cannes France, Livorno Italy, Civitavecchia (Roma) Italy, Naples Italy, Santorini Greece, Piraeus Greece and Split Croatia. It was an experience of a lifetime. We met very nice people, we met very different people, we witnessed very bold people and we encountered very sick people on the cruise. There were quite a few people who had bronchitis on the ship. My husband and I did everything we could to stay healthy before and on the cruise. Despite people coughing almost every where we went, we had a good time. We visited places that made the hair on the back of your neck stand up. We saw beauty that would knock your socks off and make your tongue wag. We climbed the marble steps to the Acropolis, we saw the great colosseum that held more than 50,000 spectators for bloody gladiatorial combat and wild animal fights. We walked the cobbled brick streets, we visited the open markets where people gathered to have communion with each other. We awed at the beautiful sunrise and sunsets each day for 20 days. We listened to the waves brush against the ship, we enjoyed the different colors of blue that surrounded us daily. We experienced so many things and places that will be in my computer bank forever.

While returning home, we again encountered people from the cruise who had bronchitis, so guess who got bronchitis? You guest it me, the one who hardly ever gets sick. I doctored on myself so I could be well to experience Disney on Ice with my grandson. Deep down I knew I should not be going but I was determine to fight this and not back down. I was excited to watch my grandson’s little face light up with meeting the Disney characters and have story time with Mickey and Belle. I wanted to enjoy the festivities myself as well. Started feeling better and low and behold Saturday night was the worst coughing night of this whole ordeal. I woke up Sunday morning feeling terrible, however I got dressed and ready to meet Mickey, deep down in my heart I knew this was a “no go.” I told my husband I can’t do this, I can’t jeopardize my kids health for my pleasure. So I called my daughter and explained my situation. She left it to me to make a choice. My choice was to send my husband in my place. I made him promise to take pictures of everything they did.

As I waved good-bye with tears in my eyes, angry at everyone on the cruise ship for what they did to me. I walked silently back into the house as they drove away to enjoy pure fun and amazement. I quickly got over myself repented and ask forgiveness for being mad at the cruise people. I fixed myself a cup of tea and started reading my devotional, today it was about Trust. “For God can do what man cannot” Luke 18:27. A relative was having some hard times and I shared this with them. The prayer along with it was how we try to force our breakthrough and we allow things to be the center of our attention rather than God being the center. I sent it to them not really expecting what would happen next. They ask for more, I sent more. I also sent songs that have blessed me when times are hard, they wanted more. Then they said it was time to change and they accepted Christ this day, November 3, 2019. All I could do was say “look at you God.” I wanted fun, laughter, and doing want I wanted and He had other plans for my day. Sometimes it takes us to go through a bit of a trial for His glory to be revealed. There is a new name in the book today.

We must be willing to deny ourselves everything to receive the revelation of God’s truth and to receive the fullness of the Spirit. Only this will satisfy God, and nothing less must satisfy us.

My Husband, daughter and grandson had a fabulous time. I am humbled by God’s goodness, grace and mercy.

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