Let Your Light Shine!

Can you imagine sitting with a close friend enjoying a cup of tea as the sun peers through the window bringing you warmth? Can you see yourself in the teapot, if so what do you see? Does the reflection really speak of who you truly are? Or, is the image that you see a facade of what you want to be? We all have a mask that we wear at times that we put on and off but it’s time to bury the mask. We ask the question, how do you do that?
We remove the mask just like we remove the tarnish off of this teapot one layer at a time. Removing tarnish is a skill that needs to be mastered and we can’t do it alone. We need support and accountability. The support is partnering with a group of people who can provide us with the tools that are needed to remove the tarnish that keeps us from truly allowing our brilliance to shine.
The accountability is working with a tribe of like minded people to carry and hold us up with removing the tarnished that has scarred us from shining and to reinforce our decision to reveal our inner brilliance.
So as we unmask ourselves and removed the tarnish that binds us, let us embrace who we truly are up under the layers and realize that the mask and the tarnish do not define who we truly are. We are beautiful, we are loved, we have something within us that someone needs. We are light we are brilliant we are His beloved. Let’s hold our heads up high, we are the brilliance that the world needs. Let’s shine together!

Vernita PorterComment