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Every since I was a little girl I have enjoyed tacos, always a long time family favorite. Every weekend there was this little place we went to called “House of Dimes,” they served Indian Tacos for only 10 cents! Can you believe that? Ten cent tacos, that might be telling my age, but we will move on. The House of Dimes was located in South Los Angeles now know as Jefferson Park. This was a neighborhood of every ethnic background and culture that you could think of. Even though the House of Dimes was not in the best of areas it was a place of safety when you walked through the door and you were always greeted with a smile. That was the kind of place the House of Dimes was, a place where there was no judgment, a place of calm in a crazy world, a place to find a friendly face and a smile from a soft spoken Black Woman who took your order, and then cooked your food. Each item was cooked to order. So when coming to the House you could not be in a hurry, even if you called ahead which most people did. You still had to wait. I always enjoyed going there as a kid because you would hear so many different conversations happening at once. So if you didn’t like one you can listen to the other. The place was very small, the only seating was a  long counter with six or seven stools that swiveled. I remembered one time, My mother and I were waiting for our order I was spinning around on the stool. The Owner came over, looked at me and said in a quiet voice “honey please don’t do that, I don’t want you to fall and hurt yourself”. My Mother was totally embarrassed and gave me the stink eye. The lady went back to the cooking area winked and smiled and proceeded to continue cooking. When we got to my Grandmother’s house we had a extra taco in our bag Free of Charge. 

My love of Tacos grew and my mother’s dear friend, even showed us how to make tacos. Tacos became one of the few things I actually enjoy cooking. I don’t  considered my self a cook, for the simple fact, I don’t like to cook. Even as  a youngster, I would find a way around the chore. I would clean, I would even get the groceries but i did not want to cook, unless it is tacos or brownies. As cooking tacos became my go-to meal to make, I finally began to perfect my recipe. People even started requesting my tacos, from me, the NOT A COOK type. 

Now as I make my tacos I like to have them with a cup of tea. I just love a quality peppermint tea. Tea just soothes my insides and makes me feel good. Drinking a good cup of tea is a way for me to just sit and  center my thoughts. So I felt it was fitting to name my blog site with something I enjoy and something that brings me comfort, and both I love to share with people. Both tea and tacos are best served and enjoyed when you have others to share with. As I reminisce on the past and activate the present to move forward in life, I am excited that we will share this journey together and I hope you enjoy your time here at Tea and Tacos.


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