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Vernita believes in walking with people through their situation, so they can have pride in finding solutions for their own circumstances. She simply offers the support, encouragement and tools to gain self-awareness. 

As a writer

Tea and tacos with Vernita exist to bring knowledge, understanding and wisdom to those who want to experience life to the fullest. It's a blog that exist to invigorate, inspire and challenge people to achieve excellence in everyday life. In fact, here's a few more descriptive words about the blog: to build up, encourage, teach others to live out their lives with purpose.

In the community

Vernita Porter has over twenty years of experience ministering to churches and community groups, especially to women. Her hallmark is a sense of humor, straight truth and a dynamic speaking style. With a passionate calling to work with women. Her personal mission statement is “To build up the broken-hearted and restore their dignity”. Vernita's heart is to see women transformed and walking out the destiny that God has planned for them. In her words, “I believe that God has a calling for your life, you must be transformed by the renewing of your mind." She teaches the SECRET SAUCE RECIPE which is actively reading the word of God, spending time in prayer, listening, obedience and taking care of your physical body .




Independent Sales Director Debbie Clark

Vernita Porter was my guest speaker at my Self Esteem workshop. She spoke Godly principles to my team of consultants which is what Mary Kay Cosmetics totally agrees too! Mary Kay’s mission is to empower women’s lives by putting God first, family second and career third. Vernita Porter spoke on how low self-esteem is based on what you believe about yourself. These feelings may have come from up bringing or what negative messages you received from family and friends which caused you to feel worthless. She indicated that no matter what the cause of your self-esteem “GOD does not make junk. She delivered a message with the anointing. Her impact to the consultant was to focus on your strengths not your weaknesses. Stop criticizing yourself and think positive! Your life will play out on what you think. She said if you think you can than you will, if you think you can’t then you won’t. I think the best part of her presentation was when she asked specific questions to the ladies to open up and talk about those hurts that has stopped you from growing and what the Lord can do to help you through those dark times. I loved how she made it so comforting, fun and motivational so that everyone would feel comfortable to participate and open up and share their feelings. Her presentation broke belief barriers for consultants that did not believe that they could move to the next level in their business. She has a loving, caring and warmth spirit that everyone she comes in contact with will fall in love with!


Cathy young

“I have known Vernita for many years and have heard her speak at a number of different events. She is a very dynamic speaker that is not only motivating but captivating! She speaks to the heart and engages people because of the real life, practical applications that she gives. She can make you feel like she is talking directly to you! She often uses humor to get her point across and helps everyone feel at ease! Her sensitive and sweet spirit gives her the ability to relate well with all people. I always look forward to hearing her speak!” Cathy Young



Vernita Porter is a woman who will surprise you in many ways.  Her wealth of experience, wisdom and drive are hidden behind a charming smile and bubbly laugh.  Her life is one that has taken many paths, resulting in a sure-footed journey towards helping others.

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